What is a Morning Invitation?

A morning invitation is an intentional strewing of activities in the morning with an open invitation to your children to participate in the activity if they would like to. That’s it. Nothing more than that. You simply place out a few items, maybe a daily challenge, a puzzle, game or new book and invite your kiddo/s to play.

Just remember this is an invitation.

Some days the kids will not be interested, and that is ok. It is easy to get discouraged, especially after all the planning that goes into an activity. But if an invitation is ignored, just save the idea for another day!

Here is an example of the morning invitations I used this week:

I also put a few Halloween themed worksheets, and activities out every morning. These are a great way to collect "things" for your yearly homeschooling portfolio if you need to! you can find these Halloween freebies here.

The big hits this week were the writing prompt that I put out alongside the Halloween coloring pages. This led to a four page handwritten collaboration of all four kiddos working on a story that turned into dress up and a play.

Game day and the math puzzles were also a big success this week!

Here is a link to the Math puzzles to get you started!

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