Week Two: Outer Space Block

Week two of our space block focused on the planets of our solar system. We used the book Planetarium by Chris Wormell and Raman Prinja to briefly cover each planet. (reasons I love this book) Each day we covered two planets. First we’d read about a planet then watched a quick National Geographic video on YouTube. After discussions and some activities we‘d add our lesson to main lesson books.

Even though this week was a review for the older kids as we’ve done the planets before, they loved it just as much as the younger two who were fascinated and soaked up everything like little sponges! I have to admit I learned a few things along the way too, science has changed a bit since I‘ve been in school!

Some of our activities this week were a bust and did not work out as planned, but hey that’s homeschool right. Others came out fantastic like these wooden bead solar system bracelets, making Jupiter in a pan and these adorable solar system watercolors (Tutorial from: Let’s make art kids YouTube channel). We also started a planetary sewing project. They are sewing the orbits and adding buttons to represent the planets.

We also continued our chapter books, Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Where is our Solar System by Stephanie Sabol. I am really enjoying Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s book as it is jam packed with really fascinating ideas. The other book is perfect for an independent reader for the older kids (10,11) and a read out loud for the twins (8). The older kids read a few chapters and then add a summary to their main lesson books Each week.

We spend about a half hour a day on or main lesson book work, about a hour reading and watching videos, and another half hour in discussion, and an hour or two doing hands on activities. This along with our loop subjects (math, language arts) round out our days.

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