An Example of An Unschooling Day.

In our backyard we have a crabapple tree. We have watched it bloom in the spring, come to life in over the summer, and bring beautiful fruit in the fall. We’ve talked about pollination and seed distribution as the tiny apples fall to the ground - a science lesson.

”kiddos, do you know that during the time around the civil war they would make crabapple jelly and marmalade?” This simple statement led us to look up some history, which led to a YouTube video about the history of crabapples and how and why crabapples were used. In areas like Pennsylvania the trees grew everywhere and the fruit was abundant. We also found a recipe for crabapple jelly & marmalade written in 1860. - History Lesson.

The kids then decided they wanted to make the recipe. however the recipe made 6 half-pint jars. We only wanted to make one, so the recipe had to be adjusted. They went to work trying to adjust the measurements to make the right amounts. -Math lesson.

When researching how to make jelly we discovered that crabapples have enough natural pectin so you don’t need to add any for the jelly. What is pectin? Where does it come from? What does it do? -Another science lesson

And last but definitely not least there is the hands on aspects of learning that so often get overlooked as children get older. They climbed, they picked, they separated and washed fruit. Today they will chop and cook and mash and pour. This is fine and gross motor development which is still important even though they are not toddlers.

Tomorrow hopefully it will all work out and we will be able to try our jelly. If it doesn’t work, well that just leads to a whole other set of lessons.

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