A peak into our mornings (first grade reading)

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Teaching your kids to read is not as scary as you think. I promise! This is just a little glimpse into how we do it in our house!

I once read and idea that if babies were taught to walk in school that soon parents would think they could not teach their own children to walk. This is honestly how I felt when we started out with homeschooling. How would I ever teach them all they need to know? I'm a nurse not a teacher how the hell am I going to do this? Then I remembered potty training.

When my first baby was two my husband and I decided it was time for him to learn to get out of diapers, besides he had a baby sister now so it was just time. We bought the potty that plays music when you pee and the cute underpants and then we just said now you learn to do this kid. By the end of that day we were all in tears on the floor. He did not potty train for another year. He did it on his terms, when he was ready. My next baby was ready for potty time, we were seasoned parents this was going to be easy this time. Right? Wrong, we again decided the time and day when she would go on the potty. $60 deep into bribes later she still wouldn't do it until six months later when she was ready. Then it was the twins turn, I did not have the time or energy to put into potty training, So I just put the hand me down cute underwear in their bottom drawer and you know what happened? One day out of the blue they came downstairs in undies and that was it. They decided today is the day. We are ready.

Reading is just like potty training, if you give them space and time to explore letters, and words when they are ready it will be the most peaceful transition from the land of not reading to reading. We follow what I call a waldorf-lite philosophy when it comes to homeschool. We did not start really working on reading until the kids were seven years old. Rudolf Steiner (the man who developed Waldorf education) basically said to teach the children what they are developmentally ready for. Study after study show that pushing rigorous standards on children too young just leads to stressed out, burned out kids.

"Reading is just like potty training, if you give them space and time to explore letters, and words when they are ready it will be the most peaceful transition from the land of not reading to reading."

So here is a peek into our reading lessons for a week.

Monday: We read a bob book and do two workbook pages

Tuesday: We play games with letters, or whatever sound or word family we are working on

Wednesday: We read the same Bob book, and do two more workbook pages

Thursday: more games and working. We also add our weeks letter/sound/word family to our Main lesson books

Friday: We read the same Bob book and finish the last two workbook pages for that book.

We also read lots of books , and play games throughout the week, and always have a chapter book going! ( I should make a post of all the books we read) Anyhoo....

First let me say I love bob books (and I have zero affiliation with them), if you have never looked into bob books I highly recommend them! They are just a series of early reader type books that follow a very easy to understand pattern to get kids reading. What they lack in "story" they absolutely make up for in success building. I first learned about these books when my two oldest attended a montessori school, where the books where presented as a work for the children.

I started them with the twins this past year when we began our reading journey. The first three boxes contain 34 books beginning with the alphabet and advancing to rhyming words.

Secondly, I am not a huge lover of workbooks in fact bob book workbooks are the only workbooks you will find in my house. We use them because the kids love them, and I think the repetition they offer is really good.

What else do we do?

Every week I also make a few works for the kids to reinforce the concept of the week. Some example include simple flash cards, memory/matching games, fill in the missing letter or sorting games. They each will get a lesson on how to "play" (or work) with whatever I put out, then they are free to pull it out whenever they feel like it.

These are a pdf (link) that you simply print out on cardstock or and you can laminate them so that they last. I have included a link for each set I have developed. Each set goes with a set of the bob books, and the corresponding workbook.

My wish is that these recommendations and games can help you out even just the tinniest bit! Thank you for reading!

Happy times and good vibes,


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